Friday, September 30, 2011


Still busy crafting for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays!

 I remember when my kids were all little and getting excited about who or what they would dress up as on Halloween. Once that was decided they would want me to start sewing their costumes and each year I would. As they got older I would sometimes try and use the previous years costume on a younger kid but usually one of their cousins would use it instead. We would decorate the whole front of the house with a grave yard scene, a witch flying in the tree branches, and we even made a life sized werewolf and Frankenstein! Our house was known as the "Halloween House". When fog machines came out we were the first to have one...those were the days! Despite all the work we have such special memories of that time. 

We have moved to a different house 5 years ago and it just doesn't have the same ambiance, the trees are still small not like the 25 year old maple trees we had at the other home which helped frame our outdoor "Halloween" stage.....but we still decorate only on a smaller scale and we love it!

Here are 2 new Halloween bunting banners that are reusable year after year and add some bright autumn color to your room! The "BOO" is felt letters which I cut out and machine stitched to each flag. 

Note the spider patterned fabric is a gorgeous glittered fabric which adds an extra sparkle to your decor!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Trick or Treats

So another week gone and I've been crafting like a crazy woman! But I'm having so much fun it's hard to pull myself away and going to work is such a chore!LOL!!!

My problem is that I like experimenting and so I almost never want to do the same craft twice 'cause then it becomes just another job....although my daughters are telling me that all these halloween decorations are too cute to sell on Esty they want to keep them all :) !!!

I have to give my girls credit for helping me name my creations, assemble some, take pictures and finally help with some of the write up for my check them out!

Till next week, have a great week and enjoy this wonderful fall season.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Scream.....was really a scream!

So I decided to stray from my usual crafting (sewing) and try doing something different for my Etsy store!

I love to paint, color, draw... only I don't do it too often 'cause I never think my stuff is perfect, sewing on the other hand is what I'm comfortable with! But I also love variety and so last night I took up my daughter's  challenge and with brush in hand I proceeded to recreate a master piece by Edvard Munch. With Halloween soon upon us and since I'm in that mindset due to the crafting I've been doing I went with "The Scream".

I hope you'll enjoy getting a sneak peek at my mini masterpiece....I just want to paint a few more so it won't be all alone when I post it on Etsy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm back!!!

Hey everyone
I can't believe we're already in September!!!!!

I've had a busy few months, my Mom who is 89 stayed with us for 3 weeks, my day job (at the bank) was crazy busy and of course let's not forget getting the pool and garden/flowers all pretty and planted !

It being 4 months since my last post and I promised myself that I will make it my goal to post at least once a week. That said, let me show you some of the things I've been working on for my Etsy shop :)

I know Halloween is still 1 1/2 months away but you have to start planning and crafting enjoy!